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Interview with Sarah Brokaw

This is a confessional interview with Sarah Brokaw about her new book, Fortytude. On this clip she talks about why she wouldn’t and didn’t attend her high school reunion and why that act showed she lacked Fortytude. Sarah’s new book is titled, Fortytude and since that missed reunion she has found her fortitude, grace and connectedness. 

She first joined my co-hosts, Donna M. Butler, Haley Patterson and myself, Siobhan Shaw on The Attitude Shift Show for a great conversation with guest host, Patricia Allen-Jenkins.


Living Louisiana – Laginappe

“Laginappe, a little bit of everything “. Laginn’ what? Laginappe. Laggin’ what? Laginappe. Donna M and I have been volleying back and forth like this, as I have been learning how to pronounce this term. Laginappe is a saying in Louisiana meaning, a little bit of everything and this blog will be just that. I’ve been here a week and it’s been an incredible time. I of course miss my man yet I am not at all lonely. How could I be as I’ve met most everyone in the state. A slight exaggeration but really I’ve met more people this week than I have this entire year. What a warm, loving family I stepped in to. Donna M is the most fortunate woman I know. She has the love of a great number of people who know her as Mum. If you listen to our show you know Haley, her eldest daughter but then there’s Arielle, Ariane, Ellie, Michael, Mikeayla, Zarrius, T.a. .. I’m missing some …Then the gang at Chili’s treat her like she is the wise woman of the south. Delicious margarita’s there and Ross at the bar is my new best friend. We’ll be taking the women who arrive this weekend there for some chips and salsa and refreshments. Her extended family is large and loving. Then her friends and acquaintances bring the numbers beyond what I could possibly keep track of. Her BFF down the street, Nina,  is a riot and I hear I’ll be meeting more great friends this weekend, one driving all the way from Houston just to give her moral support.

I’m not even sure where to begin we’ve done so much. We’ve interviewed been on the radio. We’ve been in Walmart when a fire started and we were evacuated leaving our grocery cart mid-aisle. I played the role of ace reporter getting interviews with willing Zachary citizens as we waited for the building to be cleared to return to. It was all very exciting with firemen in full fire fighting gear.

There has been news of tragedy within her extended family twice this week and Donna M herself hit her face on a closet bar, cracking a tooth which, will be pulled tomorrow morning, just a few days before we do the taping for our first shows. No you can’t make this stuff up. It’s a little bit of laginappe, she tells me.

A search for her clear nail polish has not been successful. Although she knows where it is, she still can’t get her hands on it as Arielle keeps driving away with it in her car. The life of a Mum whose children borrow things. I’m doing my best to keep track of my flat-iron and barrel roller – so far so good. The girls have  had gorgeous hair all week. Did I mention all Donna’s children are good-looking. The apples of her eye don’t fall far from the tree.

Sunday, I actually went with her family to their church and was introduced to some wonderful people. I even stayed awake and enjoyed the reciting of the poem, Flanders Field, penned by a Canadian in the trenches of WW1. I will however have a blog coming up about a comment I heard that I didn’t agree with. Think about who in your life is worthy. I have some commentary on that topic.

Lunch yesterday, ended up being an impromptu filming of another talk show that’s being auditioned for here, and I felt so comfortable with the other people on the panel as we talked about why spouses cheat. Quite a different style than Donna M, Haley and I do on our show but very entertaining all the same.

Oh and that lunch was to die for. We were at Dorothy’s Soul Food restaurant in Baton Rouge and for something like 5 bucks I had a kid’s plate which must have been for some really big kids. I had catfish, potato salad, corn bread, macaroni, smothered chicken, cabbage and green beans. Oh yeah, you’re going to book your next vacation here.

I am in love with a boy. He’s about 18-months old and Donna M’s grandson. Tristan is such a beautiful baby boy that you just want to drink him in. He was here overnight for the second time this week and when he left tonight I got a kiss. I may never wash my cheek although I was grateful someone else changed his nappies.

I got to sleep past 8am today, since it was chilly out and my new walking partner, Donna M.’s husband, Ivy “Daddy-Man” Butler, postponed our outing for a half hour. I had my toque on and could have used mitts but after a bit my hands warmed up and all was good. Ivy is an excellent coach and adds some really cool things to what is usually just exercise for me. When I get back from these walks around and around and around the block I feel rejuvenated and ready for the laundry list of errands Donna M and I have lined up to accomplish.

Have I mentioned her sister Pat? She’s a funny woman. She is warm and loving and definitely a much better cook than I am. We had some meat and gravy dish that was mouthwatering…and whole bunch of other delicious food both evenings we were invited there for football games.

Donna M’s Mum I hear really likes me, and the feeling is mutual however we have yet to sit down and chat. I cannot wait until Thursday when we go to her home and I grill her about Donna M… you’ll want to read that blog. I have a feeling she has some amazing down to earth advise for me and women around the world.

In closing, it’s been quite a week as we’ve booked some incredible guests for the show as well. I am stoked about tomorrow’s show as we host, Pax Prentiss, the co-founder  of Passages Malibu, the alcohol and drug treatment center in California that you see on all the commercials.  Then on January 19th, Sarah Brokaw, daughter of news legend Tom Brokaw joins us for a little bit of everything – laginappe.