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Bunt Out

“Hang-up on that nasty woman”. Yes, sadly that comment was about me. It came flying out of left field. It was as if the left-fielder threw a curve ball as I was just walking up to the plate. Whoa, where did that come from? After shaking that hit off , I took a moment to think about what had just happened.

There are times no matter how diplomatic you feel you are being, the person on the receiving end doesn’t see it that way. I’ve written about this type of thing in previous blogs. It’s like we’re talking two different languages. As always, I see things like this as part of my life learning curve. What’s very interesting is that the more aware I become the more lessons I learn. Without blinders on, I see things on the field of life, much more clearly today than I did just a year ago even. It’s a supremely cool place. Imagine that. Being able to see life under a new light. Pretty amazing. I had no idea that I could. I had no idea I wasn’t previously aware.

I’m learning the universe seems to give you things designed to teach so that you gain wisdom, knowledge and in this case grace under pressure (and material for my blog), among a multitude of other skills. I may ever be the President of the World, like former US President, Bill Clinton, is currently being described as, by Chris Matthews on MSNBC for his peace-making skills, but I do know that there is no reason to take it on the chin when someone calls you nasty or let it take the spin out of your life. We have differences but so be it. That is life.

If we were all automatons how fun would that be? Learning about the differences between people is all part of becoming more aware of your thoughts, the sometimes useless or uncalled for comments that leave your lips and how you react to other people and what they say or do. To fly off the handle and call someone a name means you have lost control and the ironic thing is that control of your life and others is what you so desire to have, but you may not actually know it. I look back at times when I pitched barbs at others and my aim was pretty much on target so I have been known to do some emotional damage yet what I am seeing now is that the damage was more to me than my intended target.

To add an entertaining angle, I looked up the meaning of nasty as I was wondering just what did she mean. I doubt she meant I was filthy and foul-smelling because last time I looked phone conversations don’t allow for dial-a-smell. Another meaning goes to being obscene and I know I didn’t need a censor for my mouth during this conversation. Another option would be insultingly mean and spiteful. No, if I was she would have just been a wet spot on her carpet rolled into a fetal position, so no it wasn’t that. She must have meant difficult to deal with as what I said was that what she was speaking to me about was in fact none of her business. Well, it wasn’t. I had just spent 45 minutes in a negotiation and the party involved and I had come to an agreeable decision and were moving on. I wasn’t prepared to do a doubleheader.

She had no part of the dealings and to keep the baseball analogies going, was sitting in the bleachers and needed to ‘bunt’ out, so when she began on her tirade I was not going to discuss with her something that was clearly not her concern. It’s like the baseball coach running up to the fans and asking them what the next play is. Not going to happen. I know I said it in a manner that did not include cursing or other fiery wording. I simply said, that the issue had been dealt with and it is not something you and I need to speak about.  I was setting a boundary. Hell broke loose. People really have to take a pill and relax before flying off the handle or wielding a bat. Take a breath, really hear what the person just said and  if it isn’t any of your concern back off and quickly. Bow out of the conversation with grace.

Why do we have to add our two cents? Why do we have to step up to bat when no one has called you up to the plate? I’ll leave you to consider these questions for yourself. Me? I’m off to catch more awareness so I can play the game of life…my life, no one else’s.