Why Pick A Penny Up?

The other day I was sitting having a latte in a local coffee shop and watched as a woman in line at the counter dropped some loose change on the floor.

What she did next blew my mind.

She looked down at it, grabbed her order, and walked away. She walked over it and kept on moving as if nothing had happened. Now it’s only conjecture on my part but I’m guessing when she looked down at it, she was deciding whether it was worth it to bend down to pick it up. I could imagine the, ‘should I or shouldn’t I’, argument that briefly flitted through her mind something close to the decision she’d just made about her coffee drink, ‘do I want whip on that?’

For those of you that follow the Law of Attraction you know that walking past any amount of money is seriously undermining your ability to keep it flowing into your life. By just walking away, she put the vibration out into the universe that money matters little to her. Sure toss it, I don’t need it. I beg to differ. Money at the best of times can be hard to come by and it doesn’t just land in your lap. You earn it. You count it. You save it. You spend it on things you want and need. It’s important in your life.

A long time ago someone suggested to me that I should always pick up loose change even pennies whether they were on the floor in my home, buried in the seat cushions or I happened upon them on the sidewalk. At first I thought well pennies especially aren’t worth anything. In fact I’ve seen people actually toss them in the trash. Sure we give away loose change. We leave a penny; take a penny. We toss pennies into fountains. Drop them into charity boxes. Some may even throw a few coins in a homeless person’s hat or a street musicians guitar case. We may even top up the meter for the next car and driver that takes our parking space. Yet that isn’t discarding money. There are reasons why we do that. People we’re helping or simply a kind gesture. That’s all good and fine. I encourage it.

The other side of the coin is those who have little respect for money. Like Miss Lazy Latte, who simply walked past her moolah because she couldn’t be bothered to lean over and pick it up or ask someone to.

Heads up everyone, money does make the world go round. As long as there have been humans on this earth, there has been some measure of currency. Beads, coins, paper money and one day even toilet paper may reign supreme and be the currency of the day. The reality being is that money gets us stuff. So when we have total disregard for money, and it’s value aren’t we saying hey, I don’t need any? It’s like garbage and get it out of my sight and keep it out.

I started shifting my awareness to finding money and now I have a game I play almost everyday. I will say to myself today I’ll find money on the street, in the parking lot, in the grocery store aisle or a number of other obvious places spare change may be discovered. Most everyday, I find at least a penny. I’ve found nickels, dimes and quarters, even the odd bill. Gone are the days when I would say, I’m so broke I can’t rub to nickels together because I usually find two if I’m aware enough of my surroundings to pay attention to what it is I’m walking over, past or through. I’m putting out vibes to say, hey I respect money and it comes to me. Now I haven’t mastered finding bags of cash hanging about but I believe that’s just a matter of time!  Tails… I win.

I now understand why my Mum would always chant when she came across small change, ‘pick a penny up and all day you‘ll have good luck.’ Respect all money and you will want for none.

Tonight, my co-hosts, Donna M, Butler and Haley Patterson on our wildly shifting and totally popular show, The Attitude Shift, will be talking to Mary Pitman, author of The Little Book of Missing Money. Finding money started out as game for her as well, or perhaps more a pastime, and turned into this amazing guide with links, tips and tricks for everyone to discover unclaimed money in their names that the government holds. It is true and Donna’s husband, Ivy, found money he has claimed. Mary is on the up and up and wrote the book so that people can find their own money without having to pay fees to get at what is rightfully theirs.

Tune in either live with us or check out the archive anytime at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-broke-wives-club/2011/04/14/the-attitude-shift

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2 responses to this post.

  1. I gave a lot of thought to this. When I find a penny, it is supposed to be a lucky thing. I pick it up, and because I have it, I no longer need it. I drop it and hope that the next person will take that luck, that karma, and pass it on by losing it somewhere, someday.

    I respect it when I pass it on. It is more than a penny. I love it when I find it, it is more than a penny. When I toss it in my pocket with all the other unblessed coins, it is no longer worth more than a penny.

    So I pass it along.

    Every time

    Phil Cheevers.


    • Phil, that is a great concept! I saw a young guy come out of the gas station the other day and pick out the pennies and throw them on the ground. Perhaps he was thinking your way.


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