Living Louisiana – Warming Up

“Eat my comfort zone”, the line that cut the air tonight as Donna M and I were convincing a friend of The Broke Wives’ Club over the deafening cheers for the Seattle Seahawks, to introduce us at the filming next weekend. Stuck. That’s what with her. She’s stuck like a tongue on a freezing cold pole and you know how that can hurt if you attempt to take it off. That kind of  ‘it’ll hurt’ type of fear stops many people from taking advantage of opportunity that comes their way, reaching their potential and realizing their dreams. As she tried to pry us off her, she threw out every excuse she could come up with not to do this task. Yes, I certainly understand fear of speaking in public as I still don’t have that down but everyday I just keep pushing it forward as Donna M encourages me to do and one day it’ll be like water off a ducks back.  The funny thing is, this woman is smooth and polished when she speaks in public yet she gives us grief for asking her to do something we feel she shines at. We have to believe in ourselves, drop the self-consciousness and keep taking steps that create opportunity for us to practice those things we shy from doing. One day we’ll say ‘ bring it on’ and mean it.

As day 4 in Louisiana comes to a close, Donna M and I’ve been planning, planning and planning our attitude shifting event weekend. We have shifted our attitudes over the past 18 months from that fear stance to an ‘it’ll all come together’ attitude, and we do not let not knowing how it’ll turn out frighten us from moving this event forward. One dip in the road we’ve hit that isn’t churning our stomachs is that we’ve been able to fly Haley in from Seattle but not back.. yet. Will she get home after the event. Yes. Are we sure?  Yes. Do we know how. No, yet we know something will come along and make that a reality. We may not know what do about some aspect of the event today but we have faith and confidence we can get it all accomplished because we are giving it our all.


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