Living Louisiana – Getting Settled

” Get the ball in”, a shout out that pierced my quiet corner of the couch at Donna M’s sissy’s home as LSU battles … well…some other team! Watching football, other than The Grey Cup and the Seattle Seahawks from time to time is foreign to me. It’s Day 3 living Louisiana and today I’m beginning to settle down and settle in. My comfort level is increasing, the running headache has subsided, and the bone tiredness was cured with 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

My day began at 8am. Donna’s daughter and my bunk mate for the time I’m here, Ariane, woke with a sore throat and I suggested Vics Vapour Rub and a towel around her neck to calm her throat – a remedy John swears by and giving me chance to feel useful. Then we were whisked off (without coffee mind you – note to self – get up earlier), to a meeting that Daddy Man, aka Donna M’s main man, had to attend where he was asked and honored to lead the opening processional during next week’s Martin Luther King Celebration in Baton Rouge. I’m thrilled to be here long enough to be able to go to that before I fly out. I met a beautiful soul at that meeting, Marjorie, who I would have loved sitting and talking to longer. When she asked where I was from and I told her originally from Ontario, Canada. She’d been there and had visited Uncle Tom’s Cabin historic site.(Checkout the link to get the history on this.) It took a woman who lives thousands of miles from Ontario to teach me significant history of my home and the connection to the Underground Railroad. There’s a lesson in learning to understand that when we go, we grow. I may have never have learned of this if I had opted to stay in my comfort zone and not make the trip to this area. It makes me wonder how many people are missing out on some great things in life simply because they don’t want travel.

The afternoon found us at a meeting for The Broke Wives’ Club. There I met a character and the host of a radio station based here in Baton Rouge whom when I said I’d like to try out a live mike in a real studio, made that become reality and broadcast a half hour long interview with Donna M and I to his audience. Very cool. He then called a person, The Joan, a popular hair stylist in the region, and was telling her that  I was coming in for a hair pool. A what? Through what I consider a heavy Louisiana accent, I heard hair pool. Well, that just about did me in. A hair pool? What in the world is that I’m thinking to my perplexed self.  Was he inviting me for a swim in his pool or… well, there wasn’t an or…  it was beyond me what he meant. We hit a language barrier. How did I handle that? I told him I didn’t understand upon which he proceded to say it again. I looked over at Donna and feeling sorry for me, she wrote down what he was saying…Hair pull. Oh,  hair pull not pool.. oh now I get it – not. Yet right there is where the fun lies in the adventure we call life. Embracing differences and learning new things. You can decide for yourself what hair pull is – I’m certainly not explaining it but it made for a lot of laughs and I’m booked for some hair something with The Joan of Mo Hair, later next week in time for our attitude shifting weekend that is being filmed. I’ll explain that one next week, it’s not the wool sweaters are made of.

What a day. We’re now winding down and tomorrow I am guessing will be as eye opening as today as.


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