Presents of Mind

The nights are no longer silent, the mice are stirring and Christmas has been wrapped up for another season as we celebrate the new year. Many people woke to gifts under their trees Christmas morning. Some I heard were lovingly grateful for what they were given; some were definitely not. ( those ungrateful need to give their heads a shake or perhaps their presents back )

This year I didn’t receive any gifts you can unwrap or return, partially by choice, partially by circumstance. I didn’t miss unwrapping gifts this year as I’ve been revealing ‘presents of mind’ all year. These, are gifts that keep on giving. They include things like reason, creativity, awareness, ingenuity, spirit, talent, understanding, regard, soul, imagination, love, power, lucidity, observation, perception, wisdom, instinct and intellect.

This year I unwrapped the gift of believing. It’s a gift I thought was only available from my Mother. With her gone, so I felt, was that feeling of having someone who truly believed in me, and what I bring to the world. Yet despite that, a few people stood by me during some very tough times this year and continue to love me unconditionally. I am most grateful for them being constants in my life and for being non-judgmental of my actions and feelings. They in fact cheer me on and wish only the best for me. One of them is me. The others know who they are.

I peeked and found self-confidence hiding, and with some coaxing, I took it out and sat it proudly on the mantle of my life. Its presence has allowed me to either ignore or ask for apologies from people who attempt to put me down, ridicule my choices, bully me or dissuade me from my goals and desires. I have learned to ask for what I want and not apologize for being who I was born to be.

I discovered joy when I began to look past the plain wrapping my life seems covered in. Life is great. Something funny happens everyday that makes me laugh or brings joy to my life, as long as I look for it and am willing to let it in, and not let depression and pity stay when they knock on my door.

I pulled comfort out and wrapped myself in it. It makes me feel safe in a world of insecurity. I can step outside of my comfort zone, as I know when I move forward I will always find it again ready to make me feel protected.

Strength was in the cards I opened. I just needed to open up to my inner power and let it stand for me during times when I felt weak, anxious and fearful.

Understanding and acceptance of others fanned the flames of communication. My ability to communicate my feelings and thoughts with others is not perfect but I’m making headway. I’m working my way from improving the way I speak and respond to clerks and servers to friends and family. It’s an uphill journey but I know when I reach the top it’ll be worth the view that will be afforded me from there.

Christmas in fact was celebrated in the company of only one person. No family was near, no friends dropped by, cards of cheers were few and far between and Christmas morning came and went without a bow in sight. I realized Christmas is what I make it. It is loving, joyful and full of the cheer I alone bring to the table. My presents of mind have been well received.

I need no candles to light my path, as I now know how to find my way even through the darkest days. I have everything I need right between my ears to make my life everything I dream it to be. My mind is my greatest gift.

Happy 2011

Siobhan Shaw

Co-host / Producer, The Attitude Shift


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Bryan Waters on December 31, 2010 at 8:43 pm

    You are wondrously self reflective and hopeful in this gift of sharing. My favorite of all your pieces that I’ve read. Thank you.


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