Wisdom from The Cheap Seats

There are members of my family who are BIG hockey fans. Not so big that they go to games in full team colors makeup or green suits and mug for the cameras however,  I was visiting my other mother and she’s such a fan that there was no other choice of programming. So as  I put my feet up, and settled in with a glass of red wine for an evening of entertaining hockey, I listened to the comments that came from the TV announcers and from the cheap seats in the livingroom.

One was a side slapper. “He’s weak in the 5 hole.” What? The 5 what? What in the world is a 5 hole? It certainly doesn’t sound even a little bit alright to discuss in polite company. I’ve heard the saying ‘shut your pie hole’, but a 5 hole – huh?  At a commercial break I got my answer. Let me explain the 5 hole in my special way. The hockey goal tender has a stance when in net to prepare to stop the puck. As he stands spread eagle with arms and legs out to the sides he forms a stance where he has 5 spaces that a puck can go into the net through, one is between his legs. It forms the letter A. That is the 5 hole. A place where players aim for to score on the net.

That got me thinking – do we have a 5 hole in our communications with other people? A spot where people can score on us and win the game they’ve set out to play with us? In relationships, business and with family, we often find ourselves being played, so how to we protect our 5 hole?

Keep your stick on the ice –  it’s the perfect defense.  A good goalie sets up this stance with his stick flat on the ice to protect that space between his ankles. So what does the metaphor of a stick really stand for? – your awareness. Stay tuned into the world around you so that you are able to figure out what the next play possibly will be. Be aware of your thoughts and the actions of others. Some pucks for sure will get past you but no reason to go through life with your stick in the air, and in turn a slow or no response to a strong backhand shot. It’s always good to be prepared. Get set like a goaltender does when the players are bearing down on him and you have a better chance of winning the game or at least not getting benched. When you keep your stick on the ice it means you’re ready for any style of play that may come your way and you can make the stop or at least attempt to not let it go through your weak spot and put you off your game.

Does that mean you can never let your guard down? No, of course not. There are people in your life with whom you may be open and let them know your game plan. There are people who are on your team. You know them because they cheer regardless whether you’re winning or not.

Stay stoked,

Siobhan Shaw

Co-host & Producer, The Attitude Shift


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