Self Awareness Wake-up Call

Do you ever have times in your life when you’ve been asleep and all of a sudden something happens and you WAKE UP? When I say asleep, I mean waiting for other people to create your life, other people to build your business, even other people to choose what it is you’re having for dinner?

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For the past several months I stopped writing this blog. I love writing, so why did I stop? I was waiting. I fell asleep. I was waiting for people who told me they would make everything better than awesome. There’d be fame, fortune and… well you get the drift. I let other people steal my thunder and then this past week they rained on my parade. The downpour came this weekend and I was deluged with negative thoughts. Thoughts of giving up, throwing in the towel, I’m finished, it’s too hard – so over and out! What’s a girl to do? Well, I pulled out some of the tools we’ve been shown during the past year on our show, The Attitude Shift,  from guests who we have the pleasure of interviewing and used the most important tool available to me- SELF AWARENESS. It’s truly a human power tool. It can fix just about anything. If you feel you’ve been nailed or screwed, it’ll reverse the damage.

Among the ones I used is from a guest, Julia Hidy, who taught us when we are shaken up by other people’s behavior to say these three words. DONE, NOW, NEXT. First, you tell yourself, ok now that situation is DONE,  it’s the past, so focus on what is happening right NOW at this moment and that could be as simple as the sound of your breath and then at the top of your lungs or very loudly in your mind if other’s are within hearing distance, say NEXT! Move on! This gets you back on track and keeps driving forward on your journey from broke to stoked. Broken down on the side of the road is not an option. Looking in the rear view mirror is not an option. Ultimately, it’s your journey – no one else’s and if you have to drop off passengers along the way, you must do it.

Another great tool is asking questions? Not the ‘why me’ type of question but did I really want this? Was this right for me? Did I trust too much? Did I get lazy? Did I lose interest? Is that person just doing what it is they do? Did communication in relationships breakdown? Any number of questions come to mind. That’s what I love about learning to be self aware, you know to ask questions when stuff happens that seems to block your journey from broke to stoked.

This time I realized that I believed various people, ( yes more than one) when they offered the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow so I let them steel my thunder. I let these person have my power and I sat back and watched from the side of the road. Then, they made choices that I felt rained on my parade instead of reaching out and  sharing to discover what each of us was feeling and thinking. I made an attempt to go in that direction but the stop sign was clearly posted. That relationship is DONE  so I’m focused on the NOW and I’m excited to find out what’s NEXT!

The most important lesson learned which I am stoked about, is that the next time someone tells me they have a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow … I need to ask them to show me the pot  then count out the gold before agreeing to get in the car with them and take a trip over the rainbow.

Broke to stoked,

Siobhan Shaw

Co-Founder, The Broke Wives Club

Co-Host, The Attitude Shift


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