Unabashedly Forward Thinking

I’m having a treat today. A pedicure. It’s at the tickly part right now but even though I’m squirming in my seat, it feels good being pampered. That and it costs just $20. No my Canadian friends, that is not a typo. That is 2-0, not 5-0 or 8-0 like in the ‘great gad it’s expensive here’, north. The guy is even scrubbing and massaging my calves right now. My question is why is there such a discrepancy between the cost of a …. Oh..oh my… that’s the spot.. …ummm. I’m back… a discrepancy between the cost of services in the US and Canada? I’m not getting very far… here come the hot towels…$20, for real.

I did have a point to make. Ok, maybe now he’s gone off to find slippers, I can get to it.

The point is that people can set out to do the same thing, reach the same goal, but the cost is far greater for some than others. It not only relates to financial costs but personal costs. That is where I want to spend some time today – the personal cost in results, to one person over another when they set out to do the exact same thing.

Let’s take job-hunting for example. Both people write a resume. Both set out everyday to search the help wanted ads and each go to interviews. So why does one get the job and the other doesn’t?

Extra effort. The effort that a person puts into a job hunt…into life… has a lot to do with the results they achieve. The job-seeker who gets the job, combs through the local newspapers but they also use social media sites to find companies looking to hire. They talk to friends and acquaintances about who they know who may be hiring. They stop at a store they enjoy shopping at, see a need. and step up and start a conversation with the manager, eventually offering their services. You get the picture, they go above and beyond what many people would consider required in order to land a job. The other person who won’t get the job has done just the basics. They put in the minimum amount of effort. While the job getter is schmoozing the store manager, they are back home flipping on the TV to see what shows should be interesting to watch.

As many of us sit back and watch life go by, we may see a person’s incredible accomplishments as blind luck, or an overnight success. Even if it seems like it, the effort that has gone into say, the on-camera talent a person has, or the invention someone ‘stumbles’ upon is actually a result of a lifetime of acquiring knowledge, unexpected mishaps, interesting adventures, tears and laughter, trial and error and a whole lot of sweat equity.

Effort encompasses not only the investment of their lifetime but the smart equity that they add. Going that extra mile and doing more than what’s required to reach a goal gets noticed by other people and for all you LOA (Law of Attraction) followers, the universe.

I’m watching a little bird outside and he’s hopping from crumb to crumb. Nibbling up all he can. He’s just jumped up on a table to score a tiny piece of bread while people were sitting there. Will he survive the day? Most likely he will. He’s made that extra effort to feed himself on what people have discarded as garbage and taken a chance that he won’t get swatted away from that morsel on the table.

The lack of effort in the job search will mean the one who pushes harder will be clocking in while the other will be watching time go by. What effort do you make to reach the goals and dreams you have for yourself? Consider that carefully. You can sit and think about what you want all day but without effort nothing will just happen. Today will likely be just like yesterday with a few additions or exclusions. It’s up to you to take action and allow your today to create a better tomorrow.

I say allow, as no one else can make the decision for you to do something. You must allow your feet to do the walking, your mind to do the thinking and your imagination to create the vision of your tomorrow.

Stop talking about it and do something. What is one thing you can do right now that will bring you closer to your goal? One thing is all I suggest, nothing more. What that one thing is, will be solely up to you. Take it one pretty, freshly pedicured step at a time. When you do one thing, then you do one more thing, and that effort builds on its self, you will get somewhere. Stop the self–martyring and get on with your life.

I spent a fair share of a year sharing my networking, casting and production skills among others to a film company for no pay. Many people would say, what are you nuts? You are putting in all this effort for the extremely remote possibility of a payoff years from now? Show me the money would be their way of thinking. If that had been my way of thinking back then and the thought processes of a number of amazing people, today we would not be celebrating two consecutive wins at independent film festivals and a nomination for Best Canadian Feature. It’s a matter of time before money is a result. It may not be a direct result of the film, but of off shoots for each person separately in the way of new opportunity because they are part of an award-winning feature. Other people will consider their value more closely for other projects and productions. Who would you hire for your film project? Someone who’s resume clearly shows they have been a part of a winning project or the person who sat back that year and waited for the film production that paid wages, that never showed up?

My business partner, Donna M. Butler and I have been talking about writing a book and actually started it one day. Months have passed since that one-day and still no book. Why? We haven’t put any effort into it. Sure, we’ve got other things on the go and so the excuses are plentiful however, if we don’t get smart and do something to push it forward… our ideas will be just that, ideas. Our book won’t magically appear. We have to write it. We have to sit down, block out time and plan the process out and start writing. By putting this extra effort into writing the book… how much do you want to bet we’ll be authors and doing the speaking circuit like all our author friends in no time?

I’ll tell you now, you’d better only bet Monopoly money because if we’ve learned one thing this year since we started creating our podcast, The Attitude Shift, is that nothing gets accomplished by wishing and praying for it. It gets done with extra effort and forward thinking. “Unabashedly forward thinking”. I love that phrase. That particular phrase, about me, was said, the other day on our show, by Craig March, the director of that award-winning film, The Beast of Bottomless Lake. I know it can apply to anyone who makes things happen in their life. Are you an unabashedly forward thinker or just lagging behind them?

Take action, don’t consider the ‘what if’s’ and the ‘what will they say’, or buy into the ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ and take a load off your lovely, red-painted tippy toes.  Instead make an effort, an extra effort, and create your future, today. I am.


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  1. The goal is to be better than we was:). After carefully considering and weighing all options, go with your gut! The truth is in your gut, your something saids, or your intuition. Your answer is coming through your channel. Other people may not support your feelings—your gut is the point—not someone else’s. Listen to your mind and body. Its language is loud. However, noise is everywhere—but it will not drown your sound as it is internal.

    Listen to the internal. Feel the internal. The internal—your internal. If you do not, you may regret it. It is better to try and fail than to fail because you didn’t try—better known as Death and Dying. Suddenly hindsight is 20/20.

    Time is flying. Decisions! Snap decisions. You still have to “gut it.” I gut it and go with the something saids.


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