Is Your Ego in the Driver’s Seat?

Yesterday, I talked about thought rot and the fear-based aspect of it. To define thought rot again for those of you who missed yesterday’s post, it’s a mind-attacking virus we pick up from what other people think and beliefs we’ve chosen to harbor over our lifetime. ( the virus is a figment of my imagination, and not a new, strain of the flu bug) One person emailed to say thank-you, she needed to read about that and she promised to never let thought rot take over. My skeptical side, doesn’t expect she can keep that promise, but then by thinking that, I’d be infecting her mind with my negative thoughts. Instead, I’m optimistic, that now she’s aware of it, she will not let it take root so deeply in the future.

Today, let’s take a look at the ego-driven aspect of this deep-seated thought degeneration.  As I’ve said before, I have to live it and learn it, to be able to share it and what you read in this blog is a result of what is going on in my existence and the moments of clarity I tune into as I journey from broke to stoked.

From time to time, I have been hit with recurring bouts of ego-driven thought rot. When my ego-driven thought rot rears its ugly head, even those of you with strong stomachs, would turn your heads in disgust.  I am often the creative mind and the writer behind a concept but no one knows it. The material I conceive of and write, like many copy writers and ghost writers, will be used by someone else who is the spokesperson for an organization. They are the ones who put their voice and face to the creative work. From the public’s perspective, it’s their material, when in fact it is a person in the background, like me, who conceived the idea, or wrote the material.

At times it’s tough to take for this Leo. I couldn’t have been born under a better or a worse astrological sign. I’ve got a lot of great qualities like being spirited and fun-loving, but the one that roars like a lion is my need, to feel as if I’m the center of attention and under the spotlight of appreciation. This can cause severe thought rot to permeate my mind. At times, I get so frustrated hearing my words or ideas, come from someone else’s mouth, I feel like standing on the roof and actually shouting to the world that the interesting passage in that book, or that funny line in that commercial or the cool name of that company, was my brain child. I would bet most people get a sense of this ego-driven thought rot from time to time even if they weren’t born under this sun sign.

It’s human nature to want to feel validated. As you can see, ego-driven thought rot comes from within, not actually from what others say or do. It’s a form of insecurity to want the attention that someone else is getting. It ‘s nice when people appreciate your gifts and talents but when it’s not in your job description to be the face behind the ideas then you have to:

1. Acknowledge those feelings exist,

2. Swallow your ego and …

3. Let the negative, ‘hey what about me’ feelings that well up inside, go.

4. Replace them with self-validating mantras like; “I am creative; I have interesting ideas; I’m forward thinking; I’m humorous.

5. Even ask your loved ones to point out things about your work that they feel show your talent. Hey, they aren’t the rest of the world, but what they have to say will go a long way to helping you feel you are a worthy individual.

Turn your thoughts to ones like these that are self-supporting. You know you wrote or created that cool concept and that’s all that matters. Be proud that you have the talent. Consider that the more you create, the more you write, the more practice you get, the better your creative skills will become and that means something in the long run. The people mouthing your words, or dining out on your concepts aren’t developing those highly creative skills but you are, and there’s a reason you are, so drink that in and let that be your spotlight. If you still want to be under the spotlight then focus your energies that way.

a. Write a blog,

b. Record some videos,

c. Do a podcast

d. Take some courses that will improve on your talents.

Continually fine tune your talents. You’ll soon become your own spokesperson and the creative abilities you have, will be appreciated by the world.

I now look at these situations when I’m feeling left out of the limelight that I am doing my job and in fact helping someone else reach for  their dreams and in turn the universe will help me reach mine. I’m learning to have patience and accept each project I do as another cog in the wheel of my personal and professional development. I’m guessing that the most important ideas and words I have to share with the world, have yet  to have been thought of, and one day when they come to me, I’ll be the one to share them.

Shift your attitude and stay stoked about life.

Siobhan Shaw is the Producer & Co-host of The Attitude Shift & Co-founder of The Broke Wives Club.


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