Thought Rot

Do you suffer from thought rot? Thought rot? What the heck is that? Thought rot  is a new term I’ve coined. It’s a mind-attacking virus we pick up from what other people think and beliefs we’ve chosen to harbor over our lifetime.

There are numerous types of thought rot including, ego driven thought rot, and others that I haven’t even considered for this post. Today, I”ll talk about just one kind of thought rot that has affected my way of being, dramatically; fear-driven thought rot.

Since my past few blogs posts have been about fear and the havoc it can wreck on your life and of other’s you come in contact with I’ll begin with fear-based thought rot. One type of fear-based thought rot comes from being afraid of what others may think, say and do, in reaction to something you think, say or do. A perfect example came up in my life this past week. As you may know, I’m one of the co-hosts of The Attitude Shift and co-founder of The Broke Wives Club. One of the responsibilities I have is to find and book guests for the show. I love that. It’s right up my alley and I have the skill for it having been in film and TV production and operations management for  most of my career.  That, and I get to talk to incredibly interesting strangers whom I would have never met otherwise.

As I was preparing for this week’s show I got out one of the guest’s books to read. It was a small book, and had a red and black cover with a hand- drawn illustration of two barenaked lovers embracing. OK , that’s cool. I’m quite liberal, (not as in politically liberal – my politics have no place here – just liberal thinking, as in I’m happy for people to be who they are, and I do my best to not caste judgment their way – I did say do my best, so some days I’m more tolerant than others) so let’s see what the author, Michael Schuessler has to say.

Now, I usually review the books before booking the talent however I had a phone conversation with this man months ago and  it was a great conversation so I didn’t need to read his book to know I wanted him on the show. As the date of the show neared and I opened the book, I read the title again, like it was for the first time – it was not longer the title I had first seen – The Holy G-Rail. With a new set of eyes, ones that have been recently opened to the fact that some people who follow our show, like to find anything my partner, Donna M. Butler, and I do, to pounce on and start gossiping about or tsk-tsking about. Here’s how I looked at the title this time – The Holy GRAIL. This is the moment fear took up residence and thought rot began invading every cell of my being. The Holy Grail .. oh, no, Siobhan, what have you done?  That title has religious connotations to it and we have a large following of right-wing Christian (not getting political here – just painting the picture) listeners so now they are going to have a cow. Especially when they find out it’s about discovering the G-Spot. Yup, I said it,  the G-Spot. All, I will be, is a wet spot on the ground after they get done with me, I began thinking. This is going to cause controversy like never before. The emails and calls will flood in, and lots of Facebook messages will be directed at me, chastising me for bringing such a topic to the  show.

Yes, fear had a hold of me good and tight.  As each day passed,  it got worse. So bad in fact, I came up with a 1001 excuses why I had to ask Michael to not come on the show. I’d go to sleep with this thought rot and wake up each day with it festering in my mind. Then it hit me. I had the the cure. The cure was to not care what other people thought and go ahead with the show as some members of the audience may quite enjoy the topic. I may be hailed the hero for saving many marriages. It’s a harmless subject and part of the human experience. Not to mention, Michael is a professional sensuality coach and will keep it clean. Hey, I may even learn something new.

What’s the worst that can happen? Will Sarah Palin call me up ( I watch way too much American politics)  or will gangs of anti G-Spotters surround my home and throw condoms at me in protest. Well, now I have the cure to thought rot….whatever they do, if they in fact do it, which I doubt, is none of my business. I am being an open and forthright person, whose job it is to shift attitudes by introducing new topics, and new ways of thinking about things we encounter in our lives, to masses of people through our show.

Warning: If you have contracted this new virus, please be aware it can spread easily from one person to another, however, the cure is within you. It’s in the way you think about things and in the way you ignore ridiculous, non-life threatening fear, and carry on with who you really are and what you choose to become. Will you choose to become a hated, mind-destroying virus or a beautiful chalice brimming with potent, life-giving thoughts? Please feel free to share those thoughts. I’m open to hearing your point of view.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Siobhan,

    I love your thoughts on my upcoming interview on your show “The Attitude Shift”. I have to say you aren’t the first to have concerns about the subject of my book or I”m afraid, the last. But I loved how you put it all together to emphasize that we don’t live in a fish bowl. There are many different thoughts and opinions that permeate this planet. Who are we to judge which are worthy to talk about. Thank you for allowing me to spread the word of the “G”. It’s actually all in the Attitude 🙂


  2. […] uneasy feeling before in jobs, in social circles, in relationships and it creates a whole lot of thought rot in my mind. It usually begins with thoughts like, ’hey what about me?’ or ‘ […]


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