Feeling Boxed In?

I am surrounded by boxes, upon boxes as I continue to prepare to move. Yet, I’m starting to find my way out of the box. You know the over used saying, think outside the box? Well, I have been thinking outside the box, and it’s quite liberating. I feel a sense of release. It’s like I’ve been a Jack-in-the-box all my life – stuffed inside four walls, kept down and not seeing beyond the confines of my mind I have unwittingly allowed to be put up.  I’ve been in a position of weakness, crouched inside the box just waiting for someone to let me out to discover what’s beyond those walls. Click here to listen if you’d prefer.

Recently, with all the work I’ve been doing to discover the person I was born to be, through The Broke Wives Club – it’s like someone has just lifted the lid and out I’ve popped. It’s a little frightening and I’m kind of shaky but I’m starting to settle down and am enjoying my new found freedom. Unlike Jack, I’m not attached to the box so I can explore beyond the walls.

As I have made my way toward my destiny, I’ve been too busy either, yielding to traffic, checking my rearview mirror or stopping to ask directions, that I never before felt I was in the driver’s seat. I am now, and there is no one navigating for me. I am no longer afraid to take a wrong turn or come face to face with the end of the road. I have learned to let go of the things, thoughts, people and even places, that have been blocking my route. I feel incredibly confident now about creating the life I envision in my mind.

Moving for some people may simply mean going the easy route by hiring movers and stocking up on headache medication, but for me, moving has been an unexpected way to release some of the pressure that has been building up over my lifetime. I’ve come to the realization that I can let go of many of my possessions and beliefs I’ve held on to so tightly over my lifetime. Who knew the act of moving could have created such a learning curve about life?

I have come to discover that I have been living a life that society feels I should be living. The life they feel safe living. I have ignored the life I was born to lead. I’ve been a risk taker all my life but when I take a risk, there’s always a voice in my head that will stop me – that voice is an echo of the many times someone has put down an idea, or told me I can’t or I shouldn’t or some total nonsense like that. I’m not the jumping out of airplanes or diving off high rocky cliffs type of adventurer but I thrive on the newness of the everyday and that everyday, when it becomes mundane and routine, dampens my authenticity, my creativeness, and my enthusiasm for life. I am on a journey to live a life that is more than just existing.

As I close the lid on what was, I am getting the hang of recognizing the negative thoughts and beliefs running through my mind and now have a practice for moving on. I simply catch the negative thought, and say to myself –

MOVE. I move that thought out and it’s gone from my mind. ( I have to do this over and over again with some of those more deep-seated thoughts, mind you – it’s not snap your fingers and they dissolve into nothingness.)

I achieve this by using…

FOCUS. I focus on what I am doing at that moment. If I’m driving, I may do something as simple as read the license plate on the car in front of me or run my grocery list over in my head. Anything to break the negative thoughts. Once I’ve successfully brought my mind into the present, I begin to imagine the…

FUTURE. The future I see for myself based on my desires. I draw that picture in my mind and inevitabaly I find myself smiling – beaming from ear to ear, in fact. I can even feel the joy and satisfaction welling up inside of me. Now that is a move… in the right direction.

Before I pack it in, I want you to consider taking stock of your life. Are you living the life you have imagined for yourself? If not, pack what’s not working for you away and move forward to the life you have always wanted. Do it from a place of desire for what it is you really want out of life, not what others want for you or what you think they expect of you. Doing that has positive ramifications that will not only affect your life but those around you for the better.

Soon, I’ll be off to discover new places, people and what I’m really expecting to find, new attitudes! I’m sure to share those experiences with you as well.

* Much gratitude to my coach, Patricia Diesel , of Keep it Simple Now for guiding me through this move and all that was expected and unexpected.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Chris on May 17, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    There are some really great ideas in your blog. I was once in a low spot because of a divorce. I was lost. It took me over a year to pull myself together and would have been so much easier if I had had advice that you talk about in your blog.

    Siobhan you are a neat person!


  2. Hey Siobhan,
    Good for you! I’ve been going through the same process, only prepping for a yard sale rather than a move. When you realize that it isn’t necessary to keep every single, little thing you’ve ever owned, it is liberating indeed. Rock On!


  3. Posted by Hedley on May 18, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    You certainly have a way of simplifying things… I think the universe will react appropriately! I am going to be watching to see how it unfolds.



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