Sealing My Fate

As I begin to pack up my stuff for the move I’ve been surprised at what has come up for me as I sort, pack and then seal my things into boxes.

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I sealed my fate when I made the decision to move. I no longer can live here in this home, in a state of complacency and let life go by as I had been. I have to make new choices in my life. I have to create new surroundings. As intimidating as it seems, it is also exhilarating. I am truly happy to be moving. So much so, that the next five weeks will seem like an eternity.

It may surprise most that where I am moving to, is still up in the air. I’ve got no idea where I am going to be living. Right now, as of June 1st I will be of no fixed address. For once in my life I am not moving somewhere. I am giving control over to a higher power. ( …and no I’m not getting all religious on you) That higher power is actually me. It’s my authentic self. The real me that I am beginning to get to know really well through my association with The Broke Wives Club. She’s adventurous. She’s social. She’s creative. She’s a nurturer. She’s well.. she’s all that I am and all that I will be. I am taking a leap of faith and I just know I will land safely but this time I will be living life from a place of strength and knowing. Knowing that I am able to create any life I want.

It is a freeing feeling to put your stuff in storage and take off for points unknown. To see what life has in store for you. As a result of this move, I have embraced two words – I can . That’s right –

  • I can do anything I want to do.
  • I can get in the car and drive without knowing the destination.
  • I can leave everything I know behind.
  • I can change the course of my life to suit my needs and desires.

I can and I will. I am excited about where this journey will take me.  It’s an amazing feeling to know there is nothing holding you back. Now, I don’t have children, so I have more freedom to pick up and go than most, but I fully recommend at some point in your life before or after children you try this. The unknown holds so much possibility. Maybe you will never “leave home”,  but try just getting in the car one day and driving without a destination in mind and see what adventure you end up having. It may just surprise you what you discover about yourself.

As I prepare for my move I’ve been pondering the power of two words, ” I can’t”, as people I talk to say to me, “What!? You mean you don’t know where you are going to live? You can’t do that – how can you do that?”

The ” I can’t” phenomenon is one that stops people in their tracks and keeps them from realizing their true purpose, their incredible potential and from living in and with passion for their life. Stop and really think about those times when you said ” I can’t”. You’ve said, “I can’t” to yourself or you’ve said, “I can’t” to someone else. I wonder how differently my life would have been if I had just dropped the “t” and said “I can”, instead of saying:

  • “I can’t” because of what others may think
  • “I can’t” because I live in fear of what my choice may bring

We say, “I can’t”, too quickly. “I can’t” do this, that or the other thing.

What if “this” was as simple as a kiss when you were 20 years old and you said, ” I can’t”? You turned away and shut the door to the possibility that kiss may have created. You may be thinking well that’s the past and you can’t relive the past. Yes, I agree – thinking about the what if’s only make you crazy. You made your choices but can we not learn from those choices and those times when we said ” I can’t”?

We can stop and ask ourselves if today I say, “I can’t “, am I really just scared of what changes that may bring my way? Is “I can’t” just an excuse for not stepping past the fear barrier we’ve all erected to keep our feelings safe, our hearts from breaking or our lives from being ruined? Is ‘I can’t” just a way of being complacent with your life and not letting new possibilities come in that may just rock your world and be the best thing that has ever happened to you?

What if you said “”I can”? Would it really be so bad? Would it really be so scary? Would it really ruin your life? What if those times when you had a chance to say ” I can” instead of “I can’t” was just a test. Did you pass or fail? Was your fate sealed?


4 responses to this post.

  1. Are you really moving ??


  2. Yes, “YOU CAN!” Do you know why? Because you can…it’s that simple! Throw out “I Can’t…” and replace with “I Can!”

    The move is going to be fabulous, just like you…


  3. Reading your blog entry makes me think about a “walkabout”. It is part of the Aboriginal culture. It’s a spiritual quest with no limitations or expectations.

    So…What’s your quest?


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