Moving! May Have to Use Jumper Cables

That’s me in the photo, sitting in front of a pile of junk in my dining area. I’ve known for at least 6 months that I was moving at the end of May. Now less than 6 weeks out from the move day, pure panic is setting in. I can’t breathe.

For those of you who would prefer to listen to this blog just click here. Listen! Otherwise keep reading….

I’ve read that the top 3 stressors are death, taxes and moving, in that order… phooey…at least when you’re dead, someone else has to move your stuff.

I’ve moved countless times before. I’m not one to stay in one spot too long. I’ve been in this house for 5 years and have accumulated more stuff than I had when I moved in. I have been slowly selling items I knew I wasn’t taking with me and have made a dent in the amount of stuff that will need to be moved, however, the catch is that my partner leaves in a few days for a business trip that will surprise, surprise, keep him away until after the move. So, that could be a bad thing or perhaps, maybe a really good thing. The jury is still out.

On the upside, there will be no one under foot to get in the way, to trip over a packing box in the middle of the night and scream bloody murder – ( I’d be the one screaming ) , or to buy a new jar of jam for, that will just end up being tossed in the garbage when we leave. (a discussion we just had this morning when he discovered there was no  jam – my response – we’re moving and I’m not buying anything new that isn’t absolutely necessary – jam included).

Like many people moving it won’t be the only thing on my plate. I’m in the midst of building a business and am burning the midnight oil to get that up and running at breakneck speed.  Not to mention the day to day routine of life that has to be attended to just to keep food on the table and keep me in good hair days.

OK deep breathe.. I can do this. Where to start? Lists… must do lists. What’s first? Do I tackle a room at a time? Who do I have to tell I’m moving? What services will I need? What about the s=p=r=e=a=d all over the place. …..oh my aching head…someone hit me over it with a hammer. That should solve just about everything.

Seriously, I’ll start with a list. That will take a few days so I’ll check back in then and give you an update. Meanwhile, I’ve got a super powerful weapon in my back pocket. Organizing coach, Patricia Diesel, of Keep It Simple Now and a Broke Wives Club mentor, is going to be guiding me through this move. Either that will be a huge success or Patricia will want to come and use the duck tape seen in the photo to shut me up.

Send me encouragements, tips, or jokes to keep my mind off the task ….I need all the links in our giant tow chain of inspiration I can muster.

BTW- the jumper cables in the photo are for me when I stop breathing as the big day gets closer and the panic attacks take over. ( I have no idea how they got into the dining room )


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  1. Hi Sioban, I think you’re right on course. Lists are terrific for helping you conquer the feeling of overwhelm. I know your move date is fast approaching but it really helps when you carve each of the tasks in bite sized pieces. Happy packing :^))


  2. Posted by Michelle Clarke-Brown on April 18, 2010 at 11:36 pm

    Hi Siobhan,

    Last time I moved I had 3 months notice which is half what you had. I packed everything that I absolutely did not need right away, garage saled anything I hadn’t used in at least a year. Once I had almost everything packed I still had a few weeks to go. I had made a list of all the places I needed to contact to makes address changes, phones, cable etc. That was done at least a month before I moved. Then as each day got closer I got hold of the young adult church group at my church and asked for help to move. I continued to pack more and more until I had bare nesessities left, which I took in my own vehicle the day of the move. I worked, and got organized daily and made it much easier for me. Friends and family came and cleaned the house we were leaving the day everything got moved out. And also came to new house to help move everything in with cleaning as we went. It was fantastic and less tressful than any move I had ever done.


  3. Well Good MorningThere Siobhan! Although tempting, I don’ think you will be happy later without your “stuff.” LOL So, yes, the list was a good idea…to get it out of your head. But first, and foremost, select one room that you would like to begin in, have your boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tape, markers in hand. When selecting the kitchen…


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