What’s in a Name?

I’ve been busy the last few months working on building our club, The Broke Wives Club with my partner, Donna M. Butler and haven’t written anything on this blog but today I’ve got something to say that I feel matters. The Broke Wives Club has developed quite a following through our radio show, The Attitude Shift, and so much of it has been amazingly positive but we do get comments from people saying the name invites negativity and bad vibes and therefore success will not find us or our members. I strongly disagree. First, that doesn’t seem to be the case with our club. We are developing a strong following and good things are occurring in our lives and those of our members. As I say to friends, the club has legs… more than any other group I’ve been involved in. It’s incredible to watch.

One world renown motivational speaker I was talking to recently said that the unconscious mind doesn’t have a  sense of humor and that if you are a member of The Broke Wives Club your mind will keep you in that broken mindset and you will remain broken. He feels that you will never break free of that thought pattern. I say, tell that theory to creators of The Biggest Loser which is a huge success. What about  TV shows like, Lost and Fear Factor? They have built successful franchises on negative names but it is the positive vibes from the people involved, the passion they have for what they are promoting, and the positive actions they take that create their reality. If the mind doesn’t have a sense of humor tell me why comedians like Robin Williams, Whoppi Goldberg and Jim Carrey are all incredibly successful? They all have self-deprecating humor but it doesn’t negatively affect their lives as it is what they truly believe about themselves that matters. Their humor is entertaining and the mind can tell the difference between entertainment and truth, don’t you think?

The name means nothing in my estimation but what matters is the message and the intention behind the organization. The  Broke Wives Club was created with the intention of helping women from around the world go from broke to STOKED! It is being driven toward success by the passion of it’s founders and mentors.

You may be attracted to the club by the name because you’re feeling low, you’re feeling broken, you’re looking for a place to hang your hat where there are others in similar difficult situations to you right now that understand where you’re coming from. That’s what attracts you. The marketers of Burger King’s, Angry burger are expecting you to be attracted to their new burger because you’re angry, frustrated with the way things are going in the economy right now. Same concept.

What matters is that when you get involved in the club and begin to listen to the show and hear the inspirational messages and positive steps you can take to create a more successful existence for yourself , the name pales in comparison to the energy that is a result of the changes to how you think.

Donna shares in her blog, her day to day struggles but what she also shares with her readers are the things she does to overcome these negative twists and turns in her life by changing her attitude, her thoughts , the beliefs and patterns that have become commonplace in her life. As you follow her blog you will see that she is learning new ways of thinking and being to break out of the dire straights that come her way and instead of getting mired down in misery she diligently works towards a better life.

We can all work toward a better life, we just need to become aware that we have the power to make that happen. Take action .


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