Love Monday’s

I was going to post another article blog today but as I was coaching someone today on what it is they really want to do in their business life I had a brilliant way of looking at how to know you are on the right path in your career.

I actually had two people I was working with today. One who is a wellness coach trying to figure out how to market herself, define herself.. find that thing that fires her up,  and another who happens to be a personal friend who called up in a panic because, like so many people in the world today, she had just been fired out of the blue! Needless to say both are confused.

So I put my trusty motivational hat on and went to work coaching them through their angst. As I was listening and sharing with them… these words just came flowing out of me. ‘ You have to think of your career like this…. you want to get to that place … be doing what it is you love to do so much that you no longer say TGIF ( Thank God It’s Friday ) but instead you say TGIM – Thank God it’s Monday. You need to search inside of you for what it is that makes you want to jump from beneath the covers to get your week started and weekends become just a pleasurable distraction from your true purpose.

Take time this weekend to listen to your little voice and ask it, ‘what is it that will make me look forward to Monday’s?”

I promise to post another article blog soon. Off to train a group on developing their personal vision.


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